Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Belated Birthday Post: Pre-Birthday Glitter

In all the Birthdayween excitement, I completely forgot to tell you about the pre-birthday crafting.  On Birthday Eve, a bunch of folks got together to create glitter art in my honor, a traditional activity for celebrating one's entrance into the latter half of their 30's.  With the sparkle of the glitter being symbolic of youthful exuberance and the arduous, post-crafting clean up representative of the later years in life spent rectifying the mess left in the wake of a capricious early adulthood, glitter art has become synonymous with the 36th birthday.

As was expected, the night was a complete and total success, and I feel that I've been properly launched into this brave new age.  But don't just take my word for it, have a look at the artful outcome:

Each piece is for sale.  Only serious offers will be entertained.

It's a lot to take in, I know, but allow me to take your hand and guide you through this glitter gallery:
  • Tree - Summer (2 of 4)
  • Jack-o-Lantern - Fall (3 of 4)
  • Blue Ribbon - Winning is everything
  • Lines #2 - Further exploration of the theme
  • Bee - Spring (1 or 4)
  • Lines #1 - An exploration of a theme
  • Seattle - A summation
  • Flowers - For me???
  • Owl - They're everywhere these days
  • Snowflake - Winter (4 of 4)
  • Shooting Star - Ode to Bad Company
  • Bubbles - Circles?
  • L + A - Reunion
  • Bloobs - For petting
  • Cactus - Not for petting
  • HBDHT♡ - Self explanatory
  • Fox - No fair.  Who brought the artist to the craft party?
It's amazing what human beings are capable, isn't it?  To create such beauty from something so simple as chopped up plastic and decorative paper?  It was a truly elegant and inspiring evening, and I couldn't be more excited about being closer to my 70th birthday than I am to my birth.  Yup, definitely happy to be 36 and playing with glitter on my birthday instead of, like, I don't know, sipping cocktails while floating in my glass-bottomed infinity pool on my penthouse balcony.

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