Friday, January 20, 2017

Preventing Bicycle Theft in Philadelphia

If you've ever had your bicycle stolen, you know it sucks.  How much it sucks depends on its value both financially and emotionally.  Losing a beater with sentimental value can hurt just as much as losing one that was worth more than a few months rent.  That said, I'm here to help.  So here is the best tip I can give you for not getting your bicycle stolen in Philly: 

Do not leave your bicycle locked up in Kensington.

Kenzo is full of desperate junkies, and junkies will steal anything so they can sell it to get high one more time.  Junkies will even try to steal your bike while you're riding it.  If you're going to Kenzo, either bring your bike inside when you reach your destination or just take the subway.  Better yet, just don't go to Kensington.

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