Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hippie Review: Thai Crystal Deodorant

Before getting started, I just wanted to say that if I were you, I would be skeptical too.  Even knowing me, as I am myself, I am still a bit skeptical of what I'm about to write.  But Thai Crystal hippie deodorant actually works.  I've been wearing it a few months now, and I even took it on tour with me over the summer.  To be completely honest, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Stop judging me.
I stopped wearing deodorant a few months ago.  May or June, I can't remember which.  In any case, as an Old Spice lifer, it was a big move.  I started with regular, grandfather scent back in the 90's, moved onto High Endurance when it was first released, and had my body odor firmly banished by Red Zone in the mid 2000's.  Swagger, Denali, Showtime... I've used and loved them all.  Sure, I've tried some other deodorants along the way, most notably gel deodorant in its early days, which required a five minute dry time, but I always ended up back at Old Spice.  And over the years I'd received many a compliment for my armpit cologne, even in some of the sweatiest times.  Old Spice had never let me down.

But during all that time, I was hiding a secret.  A secret that I didn't dare expose to the world.  A secret that I'm finally strong enough to share now that I'm out of that abusive deodorant relationship.  My armpits... were irritated.  My armpits were always red and irritated, which having been that way since I first used deodorant, I assumed that was just how deodorant works.  It just figured it was a trade-off we all made.  Pleasant armpit odor in exchange for unpleasant armpit discomfort. 

And then my upstairs neighbor got on Team Thai Crystal, vouched for it, and recommended it to me.  Credit where due, I did not venture out into the new age wilds on my own.  I quit Old Spice cold turkey, and since kicking the habit, I couldn't be happier.  After a few days, my armpits were completely free of all irritation, and I'm never going back.  You probably have questions, so here goes:
  • What is it?  It's a stick of mineral salts.  That is literally all the label says it is, mineral salts.  
  • How does it work?  I have no idea.  All I know is the salts kill the desire to make stink.
  • How do I use it?  Get it wet, rub it on, let your pits dry for a ten seconds or so.
  • Does it have an odor of its own?  No, it does not.
  • Will it kill existing odor?  No, was your pits with soap and water (or a baby wipe) before rubbing it on.
  • Does it prevent sweating?  No, you'll still sweat the same, which is probably good for your poor clogged pores.
  • Does it only work on armpits?  No, it apparently also works on feet.  So says the label.
  • How much does it cost?  I think I paid about $7 at the local co-op
  • How long does it last?  I'm at most halfway through my stick after 8 months, even with improper use.  Always wipe it dry with a towel after you use it to make it last longer.  Also, it comes in a durable plastic container that's easy to take on the road.
  • Is it hypoallergenic?  Yes.
  • Will it stain clothing?  No.
  • Are you being paid to promote this?  Why?  Are you offering?
Anyway, I took it on tour and it did a great job of keeping me presentable, even while riding in sweltering Southern heat.  It didn't keep me odor free (I got stanky by the end of a long day), but no deodorants do that (I always get stanky by the end of a long day).  It kept me stink free for a long time, but the only way to really stay stink free is to wear antimicrobial clothing.  Even if the stink-causing bacteria can't make their stink in your pits, they'll still be able to make it in your clothes.  If you're a clean person that washes their armpits every day, then this should work for you.  You can't just slap on a new coat in the morning and expect it to fix everything.

On a side note, I just want to bring up something a friend of mine was telling me about a few months back.  Mostly, standard deodorants just mask your scent with a strong scent of their own.  Masking your own scent rather than just slowing down its amplification can be a real problem, and can even lead to divorce.  Read that article, it will give you second thoughts before you slather yourself in Axe body spray.

In closing, I give Thai Crystal Deodorant two thumbs up.

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