Monday, June 26, 2017

I Just Love Badass Shit

I was sitting in a shed-inspired bodega outside of Columbus, GA when this happened:

Somewhere in Georgia

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At first I thought I definitely looked cool with my matching shirt, gloves, and can. But then I was flipping through internet and it came to my attention that I'd somehow become the antagonist in my own story.

The above comic is a Brian Langan original, and I was going to use this post to promote his awesome art.  He has a lot of photos on Instagram other than comics and art, so I tried to filter by #comics.  But apparently you can't filter in Instagram by both user and tag, so I checked if Google had any ideas.  That's where I found a developer forum with a nifty JavaScript solution I could embed (much like the above comic), but that meant I'd need a Client ID which I'd have to get from the Instagram Developer page, and then Instagram would want to know why I was making API requests, and really this is just a blog post so why was I even bothering?

Then this definitely got me thinking about all the developers out there that put the niftiest little features in their useful software packages that no one will ever buy and about how angry they must be that Instagram sold for about $1B in 2012 and you can't even filter by hashtag and user from within the native UI.  And a part of me laughed so hard and another part of me cried a little.

But this post isn't about fake money and wastes of time.  This post is about Badass Shit.  So here are five badass shits:
  1. Brian_Langan on Instagram (#comics)
  2. Needlepoints (the band, not the hobby)
  3. The SW!MS
  4. Urban Axes
  5. Rip It

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