Monday, May 1, 2017

Bruise Update, Snake Update

The weekend has passed and it's time for a bruise update.  For those following along, big news from the underside of my left thigh.  Now it has purple striations and I have no idea what that means.  Here's both with and without the Sunset filter:


Are they bad?  Are they good?  Are they just a way for my leg to express itself?  Why won't my leg just talk to me and tell me what it's feeling?  It's been years since we had a good conversation and it hurts when I think about how distant we've become.  Sure, we're both busy, but it doesn't mean we can't make time for each other.  Were we just friends by proximity?  Friends because there were no other friend options around?  Wow.  My leg's really giving me a lot to think about.  Maybe this just isn't a friendship worth reviving or pursuing.

In other news, holy shit are there huge snakes in New Jersey!  Damian and I hit Gloucester County today for a little late morning MTB, and while normally only concerned with poison ivy and ticks, I now know to watch out for giant Black Racers.  While zipping down Swoopy Trail, I thought I saw an exposed hose across the trail, or some similar drainage/erosion control device.  I didn't think twice, and rolled over it.  While over top, I looked down and realized the thick hose was actually a thick snake, so I slammed on the brakes about ten feet later.  Damian bunny hopped the monster and then parked too.

Upon further inspection, it was a 4-5' Black Racer and it was about as thick as my wrist.  Being a muscly constrictor, the snake didn't even flinch when I ran it over, and didn't really move until after we got close to it and it started to feel either threatened or shy.  I don't have any photos to prove this, but I do have a grainy video from Damian that I will gladly show someone at a bar even if they politely ask me not to.  In any case, I now have one more thing to watch out for on that trail system.  Next time, I'm taking my phone.

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