Friday, March 31, 2017

Rainy Day Riding

It rained all day today.  It rained all day in the above photo too.  It sure does rain a lot sometimes.

Oh, how I hate the driving rain,
The blowing, slowing, soaking rain,
Blinding sheets and eyeball strain,
Frozen skin and muscle pain.

Wind numbed digits start to shake,
Churning knees begin to ache.
Maybe I should take a break?
Rest won't make a fraud or fake...

Freezing gusts drive me insane,
Stormy thoughts torment my brain.
Frozen flesh still burns with pain?
Why am I on bike, not in a train?

My mind begins to darkly learn,
It's only worse at every turn,
No escape for me from icy burn,
No warm respite, for which I yearn.

But through the blowing, slowing rain,
I find a calm I can't explain,
A cooler head returns to reign,
My hopeful spirits back again.

It's how it goes when out on tour,
Wind can blow and rain can pour,
A happy ride sometimes a chore,
Until the joy returns once more.

Muscles mend and knees unsprain,
Struggles leave, and strengths remain,
One day to suffer, a life to gain,
Come to think... I can't complain.

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